February Air


Life's been busy. But it's been good. I feel a little terrible about not posting consistently everyday but I've been working on a lot of things behind the scenes. Two music videos, lots of work in the studio both shooting & renovations, and building something big for a dream that I've had since I was 18.

It's almost weird how I got into portraiture. I never saw myself being a portrait photographer. I wasn't good with people; I'm a natural introvert, and I had to learn how to interact with my subjects and get their best angle and all of that jazz. It took awhile, but I feel comfortable now. But my grassroots started in photographing skateboarding. It started in my teen years running around making skate videos with my friends, and on a trip to NYC back in 2008 I begged my mom to borrow her point and shoot camera to take pictures around the city. The city was so beautiful. I wanted to keep it. I wanted to photograph the streets, the buildings, the people, the sights, all the small things. Everything. I took that fire back home with me and finally got a real camera of my own a year later.

Since then I've dabbled in a multitude of different types of photography: nature, landscape, street, portrait, product, weddings, you name it. I've never felt truly comfortable or confident in one branch or style. They all appeal to me, they're interesting challenges in their own way. But a dream I've always had was working at a newspaper. The stories, traveling for photos, the authenticity of the photojournalistic style and challenge of the fleeting moments. So where did portraiture fit?

That brings me to the next chapter.

More details to come soon. Very soon.