Hi, my name is Jake. I wanted to be an artist ever since I picked up my first comic strip. Turns out art is very difficult, and I’m not very good at it. Luckily I was able to take my love for computers and discover how to be creative through the means of technology. Steve was right.

I work with a variety of mediums, constantly experimenting with new ways of expression and creativity. I love big ideas, it’s usually all I ever think about. My life consists of an overwhelming sense of curiosity; everything just seems so damn interesting to me, and is why I find it hard to call myself just one thing, whether it’s a photographer or a filmmaker or a writer. I’m never short on passion projects.

I’ve been obsessed with cameras ever since I was 14 and began filming my friends & I skateboarding every single day. My passion for photography began when I took a trip to New York City with my family in the Winter of 2008; I was so overwhelmed by the beauty & energy of the city that I begged my Mom to let me use her point-and-shoot camera to take pictures of everything. She relented, and so I ran around the city with a camera glued to my hands — that’s when I thought “yeah, I want to do this forever.”