If Only, If Only Winter Tour

Christmas Eve: I'd just wrapped up my second Christmas for the day, driving home in the depressing 7 o'clock darkness when I get a call from Yong. "hey man, our regular tour photographer can't go out with us — I know this is super last minute but is there any way you can come out with us?"

I said yes without even looking at my calendar.

It hadn't been more than a week of being back home from my trip to New York and I was already desperate to get out and go on another adventure. And the year was wrapping up, I was disappointed that I didn't make a greater effort all year to go on more than 2 tours. Now 3. I was extra excited about going on this tour because it'd be the first with my new gear: now I could do photo and make great looking video with the a7iii. So on December 27th we hit the road for a 12-day stint in the midwest with Early Humans.

Here's a daily recap of my favorite photos.


St. Louis






West Virginia

Beaver Falls


A big thank you to If Only, If Only for having me out on the road, to Early Humans for being one of the best bands ever, to everyone that gave us a place to sleep on the road, and for the continued love and support. Tour recap video coming real soon 💛