2017 has been a hell of a ride. This was my first full year of being a full-time freelancer, and it's been an amazing process. This year I got to travel on multiple occasions to experience huge milestones in people's lives, something I very much love and would love even more to continue into the future.  

I haven't had much time to share a large majority of the creative projects I've been working on this year. Going into the "slow season", I wanted to find a new way to share my latest endeavors without posting multiple sets on 5+ different websites hoping that everyone sees them. Instead, I want to put the photos into the hands of the amazing people that continue to support my work. Starting today I'm launching a new subscription service with a few goodies including a monthly trade book and prints. Going into 2018 my goal is to express more creativity in my trade, and your continued support helps achieve that goal while making sure Joey continues to get fatter and happier. 

Explore the new website and glance at many of the new photos I've added, many of them have been hiding in the digital corners of my hard drives waiting for their on-screen moment. I want to extend a huge, enormous thank you to everyone that I've worked with this year. I've had so much fun making memories last with and for everyone. 

Cheers to 2017. 


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