Jake Weber


2017 in Music

One of my favorite services on the internet is Last.fm; constantly tracking my music listening habits through wherever I listen to music. 

My year in music is summed up in one record.


When this album came out in May, I listened and listened and listened more. I listened non-stop. Just before the whole album dropped I don't think I listened to anything but Hard Times. The morning I awoke and heard it for the first time I felt like I was floating in an anthem written for me personally. 

Here's my numbers for 2017: 

Like I said, Hard Times was a non-stop listen for me for months. Most of my other top songs are no surprise to me: blink-182 dropped the deluxe version of "California" which had a few bops. What I am quite surprised is how low my overall listening of "Folie a deux" was, considering the only thing I can remember from October through November is listening to nothing but that album. It feels good seeing that my second-most listened to record was by The Weekend, a bit of a changeup. I'm excited to see what 2018 brings me musically. 

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