Trash Glam

My busy season often leaves me little time to work on passion projects. My latest assignment that made me squeal with excitement when reviewing the images came to fruition near the end of July. Dean Tartaglia of Secret Space came to me with a mission that needed a co-pilot. Dean proposed to be a curated line of vintage clothing that would fall under the name Trash Glam but be tied to his project Secret Space. Dean's goal cast a stronger spotlight onto a notion I have held for a few years: I don't like to buy band merch. Clothing with designs that tie themselves to the image of the band, mostly with the use of the band's logo just doesn't appeal to me. They're often standalone pieces that aren't meant to be used in an ensemble besides, well, jeans and the like (I am 200% oversimplifying this). Dean's vision was to create a shop that would curate looks & styles for musical acts, a new form of band merch. He gave me the details, the clothes, and put no limitations on what to create. 

This time I would need an honest to god stylist. I know how to shoot fashion, but I know little about creating a look or an ensemble. That power belongs to Mariah. I enlisted her skills as a stylist to put a look together that would be easy for me to photograph. So we recruited the models, picked our location, and assembled a mini-team of some of Toledo's finest talents. I am very excited to openly share the results. Before I do I want to thank Dean, House of Dow, Mariah, Kristina, Bri, Dylan, Lance, and Kinkade for all of your help and talents.