Jake Weber


Ethan & Jessica Engagement

Back in March I received a notification on my phone: a Facebook message from an old acquaintance. Ethan had reached out to me interested in my wedding photography services: I eagerly messaged him back, congratulating him on the news of his recent engagement. I hadn’t spoken to Ethan in ages; Ethan being a senior when I was a freshman back in high school left a bit of an age gap in communication. We shared a mutual interest in skateboarding — I was always jealous of his natural talents both as a skateboarder and a film-maker; his creations had inspired me to pick up a video camera and start recording my friends skateboarding (which eventually turned to photography, so I guess Ethan is partially responsible for my love of the media). Ethan’s younger brother Graham was just a year younger than I, he asked me to do his senior portraits years ago. That was about the last I heard from his family other than the frequent Facebook quips from their father Jeff. 


So when Ethan inquired about my services, I was adamant on closing the deal. Not only was it another opportunity to shoot a wedding, but it was an extra special gig to me. After catching up, I’m happy to share that I’ll be working with Ethan & Jessica in July in Chicago! It shall be grand. And now for some favorites from our recent engagement shoot.