Jake Weber



It’s 8am. I’m pounding coffee by the liter trying to keep pace with the calendar. Can you believe it's now September? I’m still trying to get my head on straight from June — meanwhile the fair starts Friday and I’m prepping my bank account for Autumn outfits. 

As I was coming into the swing of summer I thought that it’d be as dreary and forgetful as Spring had been: pacing through the days with decrepit bones and somber trains of thought; hopping on for the same ride every time without so much as a flicker of promise. 

All I did was flip a switch. Not really, I wish it was that easy. It’s hard to escape the death-grip of your own damnation. My silver lining lied in the depths of my own imagination. I gave up on everything but myself, shed my accrued masks, and finally did the one thing I had always been meaning to do: try. Thankfully summer came on strong and bold. blink-182 came in clutch once again when I needed them most. And I’ve done nothing but work. I’m very busy, preoccupied, and stressed, but in the best possible way. Now I feel as though I'm consistently making new waves. Whatever that means. 

“The rut I was in made me feel at home, and the voices around made sure I never felt alone. Clearly I fell too hard to compare, take my advice I hope it leaves you aware.”

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