Jake Weber


Portraits with I, Monarch

Work life. That’s what I tell myself. It’s my excuse for why I don’t get a lot of opportunities to work on my personal photography. That’s the lame excuse I tell people. The truth lies in some mix of doubt, insecurity, and a life without motivation. 

Those were put on pause last week. 

Patrick and I had a long string of Facebook messages about getting together and doing portraits for his band I, Monarch. ITW has met & played with them a few times throughout the last couple years so I was relatively acquainted the group. 

Their requests were simple. “Make us legit.” Fair enough. We ventured into Oak Openings down a couple of different trails for some shots. Kept it simple. Kept it clean. There’s not much else to it, and that’s what I love: when the message is clear and concise. 

Give them a visit. 

Jake Weber