Hanging out with Beckett & Tess

My favorite duo asked if I would do some Spring photographs of Beckett & Tess, so I thought it would be fun to follow them around and snap some candids of them enjoying the May flowers.

We started off by wandering to the neighbor's secluded yard (whoops!) to take advantage of the tall, green grass and the beautiful scenery. Beckett was convinced that the harmless dandelions were causing him great pain before we assured him that there was nothing to be afraid of except the inevitable sneeze-fest to follow. Tess, of course, was mesmerized by the colorful flower that her mom had so graciously given her to much on. 

After our walk in the woods we meandered back to the wide-open landscape of the backyard, where Beckett showed off all of his farming equipment, both big and small. Tess became quickly bored with crawling in the freshly cut grass so we decided to head to the swingset for our Friday afternoon thrills. Tess and I questioned the actual age difference between herself and her father, who seemed to be flying in his own little world.

When the outdoors became stuffy we raced inside and scaled the mammoth mountain of stairs, playing a game of "this guy seems to follow us wherever we go" tag. 

Beckett & Tess scurried down the hallway, almost sure that they could lose me in an instant. Before I knew it, they found themselves cozying up in the most peculiar of places. A hallway is more comfortable than it seems, I'm told. Tess seemed to know the spot for a good nap — but not before I could steal a few graceful modeling poses. 

The taxing experience of having a solo paparazzi photographer must have worn them down faster than they could run. Not a minute after I had paused to review my story so far Tess had succumb to the weight of her eyelids & Beckett was ready to refuel with a personal favorite of mine: macaroni and cheese. Until next time, kiddos.