Jake Weber


Tess & Beckett

I haven't discovered my perfect way to take photos of children just yet. Working with children (and some adults) can be such an accommodating task with the rapid changes and high unpredictability. A great challenge, no less. Beckett and Tess proved to be worthy adversaries. Between Tess's consistent urge to crawl off of the bed and Beckett's wonder & awe at the dazzling camera equipment before him, it often felt like I was pedaling backwards. 

I chose to create bold, cool colors and muted flesh tones in the first half of series to accentuate the desired mood and give a desired high-profile feel to what otherwise could be considered a relatively "normal" photo assignment ("take pictures of my kids — nothing fancy") followed with a warm, traditional vibe that felt more close to home. I also did something I have never done before outside of Instagram: a purposeful square crop. I felt there was too much extra noise in the original crops so I played around and found the square perfectly unique for the composition.  Kylee and Jordan (mom/dad) are wonderful clients of mine that continue to help me build my confidence as well as my portfolio. We'll be doing a second series soon, per my request. Once the weather warms and they can literally run free.