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Music of 2015

Choosing my top music of the year is never easy. There’s too much music to discover, learn, and love within a year’s timeline and 2015 was one damn fine year with music. This breakdown is an analytical view of my listening habits as documented by last.fm

My top 10 most played artists probably don’t accurately reflect my listening habits for the entire year. With Fall Out Boy sitting at #1 I never really thought about how much listened during the beginning of the year. The timeline was somewhere between November through March — it was all Fall Out Boy 24/7. Back then I had the ability to listen to music while at work, home, and on the long drives to assignments while working for the newspaper, so my listening levels were far greater earlier in the year rather than when I got my new full time job where I can’t listen to music all day (boo). 

My Fall Out Boy spree ended somewhere in the middle of March or so, and around that time The Story So Far was dropping new singles from their next album to be released. I was eating it up right from the start. The Wonder Years at #2 always manage to accumulate a good amount of plays; however, with their new album released in September the plays increased tenfold. The remaining artists in the top 10 are all classics that seem to be in or near the top every year being some of my favorite artists of all time.

My top 10 albums are pretty accurate in reflecting the top artists, with the exceptions of a few standouts. +44’s When Your Heart Stops Beating made a big comeback this year for me with a lot of plays in October/November; Fall Out Boy is obviously all over the board; and I included the 1 underdog as an extra at #11 with Silver Age’s Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear — this album I didn’t start listening to heavily until December. December! And it’s in at #11 with 138 plays. Crazy, crazy good music from one of Toledo’s finest. 

My most over-played, over-sung and wild, hard-hitting favorites of 2015 are all in the top 10 most played. A perfect, grandiose blend of my top 3 artists displaying just how impactful an old classic and two new albums were to me this year. Nerve, just beating out Cardinals, is a song that comes on and can make my blood go from stagnant to a crushing waterfall within the first 5 seconds. Cardinals has one of the best anthem-choruses of the year that rings out for days. All great, amazing songs that deserve to be sitting atop my throne. 

Next year should be another damn fine year for music. I wanted to include some top tracks that didn’t make the charts but wanted to include for their significance throughout the year.


See you in 2016!

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