Feed Toledo Music Fest @ Realm 12/15/2015

Tyler Bloch of Civil Hands put together a benefit show for the holidays with the idea of helping the Toledo community through charitable donations to the Toledo Food Bank. A handful of the area's finest acts gathered together to perform in the newly ne-established Realm venue in Toledo on Friday night. The price of admission? At least one donated item whether it be clothes, food, or money. 

Lucian Townes

Opening the night was a solo acoustic act by the name Lucian Townes. Townes proved that the simplest form of music (a guitar, a drink, and a soul) can reach miles with his twang-fueled strumming and a hint of southern comfort in his beaconing vocals. His final bout echoed through the massive venue with a stretched melody that drew massive applause from the early crowd. 

Cross My Heart

Next on the bill was local alternative rock powerhouse Cross My Heart. Vocalist Ben Vasko warmed up with charming jokes and witty banter before the band slammed on the gas and lit the room with a blast of sound. As usual, CMH gave a stellar performance with a couple of twists: drummer Jarik Van Loocke traded Vasko the throne for a mic on the song "Colorado Is Good For You". Closing with a throwback cover of "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard, CMH continually shows that their collective talent is ever-growing. Look for their debut record coming out in Spring of next year. Hit them up on Facebook and Twitter

After Cross My Heart finished their set, I was called to the stage to play with my band Into the Wild. Ask someone else how we did, I was pretty well intoxicated by the time we were finished.

Silver Age

Following Into the Wild was the pop-punk quartet Silver Age. The refined Michigan-bred group, still coming in hot off their second full-length record "Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear" were a crowd favorite — and for good reason. As Evan Villarreal slayed the crowd on lead vocals, guitarist Andrew Yates, bassist Caleb Pilaske, and drummer Jared "Spinny" Spindler consistently reconciled to bring big energy, big group vocals, and commanding stage presence. Visit Silver Age on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to pick up a copy of their latest release. 

By this point in the night I was far beyond my drinking allowance and honestly am amazed that I photographed Silver Age so well. Guilty of having too much fun, I left before the night concluded and retreated home safely. Here's the Facebook event if you'd like to check out the remaining acts that played this amazing show.