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Your feedback is incredibly important to me and my potential clientele; when considering a photographer everyone wants to know the details of people's past experiences. Below you'll find a few testimonials from my previous clients. Want to submit one? I'd love to share your thoughts: submit a review in the form below.

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As someone extremely uncomfortable in front of the lens, I'm so glad I went with Jake Weber. He made the entire process fun and comfortable. Most importantly, my senior pictures looked absolutely incredible. He took into account everything I told him I wanted and was able to gauge what I liked and disliked and what I was most comfortable doing. I couldn't be happier with my experience and will definitely go to Jake first with any future photography needs. 10/10, would recommend. - Lindsay DuVernay
Yes I might be a little bit biased, but Jake is truly my favorite photographer. Jake gives you a lot of direction, and is the best at posing. He is always growing creatively. He is nice and sweet and will usually buy you coffee before, during, or after the shoot. - Mariah Rable