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Saturday Coffee & The Upswing

Friday I indulged in an impulse. Because of my recent upswing in motivation, I jumped at an opportunity that I knew I would be sorry if I hadn’t. A co-worker allowed me to use his camera for a wedding and a few days later told me he was interested in selling it. Being that I had outgrown my current setup long ago and eager to utilize the camera’s amazing capabilities, I took his offer and left work Friday afternoon beaming with excitement and hopeful optimism. 

Joey needs adventure just as much as I

Joey needs adventure just as much as I

Saturday morning Mariah and I continued our beloved tradition of waking up early-ish and going to BleakHouse for Toledo’s best coffee. I think we’re close to becoming regulars; truth be told I would happily visit multiple times a week if I didn’t work during their weekday hours. 

As I was snapping photos of Mariah and coffee at BleakHouse I felt a surge of energy take over (maybe from the coffee?) and I felt truly alive again. I became trigger-happy while ideas surged into my brain quicker than I could execute. What a feeling.

There’s something fulfilling to me about taking photographs. Sadly enough I feel burnt out on photography most days simply because it’s anyone’s game now. Photography has slowly transformed from a refined art to a staple in every day life, and in multiple ways. I’m not damning the change, I’m just being ornery. 

I put that feeling aside for the day while Mariah and I walked downtown. We didn’t do much besides talk and laugh about things soon forgotten & stop for an opportunistic photo every now and again.

A simple Saturday afternoon made a big impact on my brain. I’m hungry to create more photographs. 

Jake Weber